Scott Cole Disco Dojo Workout Dvd

  • Scott Cole Disco Dojo Workout Dvd
    Scott Cole Disco Dojo Workout Dvd
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    Enter the DISCO DOJO… where funk meets kickboxing, where jazz meets tai chi, where safe, fun, effective low impact exercise creates the ultimate cardio fat-burning workout! Learn grounded martial arts principles while you dance and groove to retro funk-inspired rhythms, partying away the pounds with Scott Cole and the Disco Dojo Dance Team! Once you have learned the moves, invite your friends over to enjoy the Disco Dojo BONUS Workout, laugh at the Disco Dojo After-Party, and be inspired by the unique Disco Dojo ''AFRO-mations.'' The Disco Dojo Workout concludes with a beautiful ''Chi-inspired'' cool-down stretch that leaves you relaxed and ready for the next time, completing what Scott calls ''The Full Circle of Fitness.'' Disco Dojo is great for all levels of exercisers. About Scott---From the top-selling Abs of Steel to the Discover Tai Chi series, Scott Cole is a former National Aerobic Champion who now champions self-empowerment and fun at all levels! A mover, shaker, and lecturer in over 30 countries, Scott's goal is to keep America healthy and moving.
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