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Recycled Yoga Mat Bag

  • Recycled Yoga Mat Bag
    Recycled Yoga Mat Bag
    Yoga Mat Bags
    It is estimated that more than 1 million people are trafficked each year around the world; most often for prostitution, sweatshops, forced marriages, or even the removal of organs. Many victims of this atrocity end up in this desperate situation due to lack of viable employment outside of their local status quo -- women, mothers with small children, and the young girls themselves, in places like Cambodia and Vietnam cannot find work alternatives to the sex trade. In cooperation with local non-profit groups, Recycled Rice Bag products provide an immediate and practical way for women to earn a living and lessen their vulnerability to human trafficking. These beautifully designed and carefully crafted handbags and accessories will empower the socially-conscious yogi to help fight this horrendous crime against humanity.Through your purchase of innovative and chic Recycled Rice Bag products, you too can carry the cause. The Recycled Yoga Mat Bag is ideal for the eco-conscious and fashionably chic yogi who wants something different. With a drawstring closure and large shoulder strap, this Yoga Mat Bag can carry one Deluxe 1/4'' mat or two Classic 1/8'' mats. Size: 6.5''W x 27''H
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