Pi-to-go Folding Meditation Bench

  • Pi-to-go Folding Meditation Bench
    Pi-to-go Folding Meditation Bench
    Om Creations
    The Pi-To-Go Meditation Bench is a simple kneeling bench that offers greater comfort during meditation. The design is so unique, you'll wonder why nobody thought of it before now. The Pi-To-Go meditation bench is designed to foster correct spinal, physical and energetic alignment without putting stress on the knees. Most of one's weight is distributed on the ''sitz bones'' (ischial tuberosities) and the bench's lower contours comfortably angle and adjust to each person's needs. This 7-1/4'' tall bench has a lustrous oil finish. Designed by Swami Ahamananda, and handcrafted in beautiful select hardwoods. This fold-able bench utilizes a unique locking mechanism to secure the bench throughout your meditation.
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