Learn To Dance Salsa Vol. 2 Intermediate Dvd

  • Learn To Dance Salsa Vol. 2 Intermediate Dvd
    Learn To Dance Salsa Vol. 2 Intermediate Dvd
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    Ready for some intermediate Salsa Dancing? Join us on the dance floor with this fantastic 2 volume Intermediate Salsa Dance Series. Each DVD is packed with great salsa dance patterns, and instruction that is clear & concise. It's a fun and social DVD that will take your dancing to the next level, and there's simply nothign else like it! The productions values are stellar, and the quality is amazing. Yes, you will be salsa dancing at an intermediate level, with your partners, by the end of this video! It's a step-by-step approach, tailored and refined by teaching thousands upon thousands of students how to dance salsa. This video covers the foundational intermediate patterns, intermediate leading and following, and lots of tips and practice. This stellar 90 minute DVD provides everything you need to know to get yourself dancing! It's time, join us in our 2 volume Intermediate Series, as we show you dozens of fantastic salsa patterns, that are both fun, leadable, and hot. Yes, you too can take your dancing up a level with these DVD's! Salsa Dance is fun, social, and a passion that will last you a lifetime! The benefits to health, fitness, coordination, and lifestyle will be far beyond what you can imagine now! Anyone can, and should, learn to Salsa Dance.
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