Go Mom Fitness Recharge It! Dvd

  • Go Mom Fitness Recharge It! Dvd
    Go Mom Fitness Recharge It! Dvd
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    No matter what your body type, bodies are designed to move, and ''Recharge It!'' is designed to make movement fun, effective and empowering! Being happy in your own body allows you to bring the best ''you'' to everything you do and set a healthy example for your kids by having a strong, positive body image. Segmented into three, easy-to-follow 15-minute workouts, and created by a certified trainer, athlete, gymnast and busy mom, ''Recharge It!'' will help you to gain strength in the muscles most needed by mothers and trim down and tone up all over. An added bonus Yoga Nap will help you to rejuvenate if you're sleep deprived, or relax if you have trouble getting a good night's rest. Specifically designed by, and for, real moms with busy schedules, ''Recharge It!'' will help you learn to like to exercise... and LOVE your body! So carve out a little time - just 15 to 30 minutes a day - for yourself to regain your strength, re-energize your body and nourish your soul.
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