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    Focus Spots
    Focus Spots
    Focus Spots are a great way to relax your mind by focusing on one spot. This product is easy to carry for quick relaxation anywhere. The Focus Spot is a 3" zen focal sticker that’s easily to remove and reuse - stick to a wall, a mirror, a glass window, or even the floor. Find balance, clarity and peace with the most helpful sticker in the Yoga world. How to use your focus spot: Yoga: Focus Spots can be positioned on the floor in front of you when doing poses requiring focus a few steps ahead of your body. Alternatively, place your Focus Spot on a wall or mirror, as a non-competitive focal point for your practice. Try to find a point where you are looking up slightly, giving you increased focus at the point between your eyes and slightly up your forehead (typically referred to as your third eye). Pregnant Mothers: Most breathing courses for expectant mothers call for a focal point – ask your instructor to allow you to practice with your Focus Spot, and talk with your Doctor about allowing you to place a Focus Spot in the birthing room. Meditation/Hypnosis: Many hypnosis and meditation inductions call for you to focus on a point on the wall. Place your focus spot slightly above eye level on the wall in front of you – or the ceiling, if you are lying down.
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