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Flexibility Yoga Dvd

  • Flexibility Yoga Dvd
    Flexibility Yoga Dvd
    One of yoga's most powerful attributes is its focus on flexibility. Stretching and developing greater flexibility benefits both the mind and body in many ways. In Flexibility Yoga internationally renowned yoga teacher, Patricia Walden, guides a dynamic two-part yoga workout that can help you increase flexibility, range of motion and overall well-being. With her easy-to-use instruction, you'll learn simple yoga techniques to open the back, calm and lengthen tense muscles, and restore youthful flexibility in every part of the body. This gentle, revitalizing yoga-stretch workout for beginners of any age or fitness level will help you feel more fluid and agile throughout every day while helping to prevent injury. Whether you're an athlete or just want to feel more flexible, this yoga practice will improve your quality of life.
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