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    Escape Leave the stressful workday behind and escape to a dreamlike alternate reality. These soothing, yet pulsating tunes offer a sanctuary from the hectic pace of everyday life. A little jazzy, a little hypnotic, these compositions transport you to exotic locales, both serene and captivating. Lose yourself in this ultimate musical fantasy. 75 minutes. USA. Titles include:1. Gotham City 2. Bourbon Street Strut 3. Lava Island 4. Dreamsville5. Goombay6. Esmeralda7. Release Stonehenge in Moonlight8. Emerald Jungle9. Mystic Princess10. Isis 11. Saint Tropez12. Crystle Castle GET TO KNOW JOHN GONZALEZ From humble beginnings on the accordion, John Gonzalez finally found his calling in jazz. He toured many years with a jazz ensemble playing a variety of brass instruments. Now living in L.A., he writes scores for movies and has writen music for several workout DVDs.
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