Colorful Cotton Yoga Blanket

  • Colorful Cotton Yoga Blanket
    Colorful Cotton Yoga Blanket
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    Add some spice to your contemporary yoga studio! When style counts, you’ll appreciate the vibrant colors in our 100% Cotton Hand-woven Yoga Blankets. Bold stripes of hot pink, tangerine orange, sunset red and lilac blue give these yoga blankets lots of personality. They come in your choice of sizes and your choice of weave. Chose a heavier, dense weave for maximum warmth or a lighter, thinner weave for a lighter feel. Made from chemical-free cotton, these colorful cotton yoga blankets can be machine washed in cold water and air-dried. Order a large quantity of these unique cotton yoga blankets for your yoga studio or just a couple for your home. When not in use, this cotton yoga blanket looks stunning folded over your favorite leather reading chair.
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