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Yogakids 2 Abcs Dvd

  • Yogakids 2 Abcs Dvd
    Yogakids 2 Abcs Dvd
    The Jabberwocky Jellyfish, the Volcano, the Moo-Meow...from Alligator to Zebra, YogaKids 2: ABC's uses the alphabet to guide 26 kid-style yoga games inspired by animals, flowers and other familiar icons kids love. In the companion YogaKids 3: Silly to Calm (sold separately), yoga helps kids shift from silly, restless high-energy into relax mode. Both give children lifelong tools for refocusing mindset and mood, teach yoga fundamentals, build physical fitness and self-confidence, and challenge coordination and imagination. With award-winning YogaKids creator Marsha Wenig. 40 minutes each. Great for kids age 3-6.
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