Unfilled Sandbag For Yoga And Pilates

  • Unfilled Sandbag For Yoga And Pilates
    Unfilled Sandbag For Yoga And Pilates
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    Sandbags are often used in both yoga and pilates to deepen stretches by placing the sandbag on your knees during seated poses, on your thigh in a kneeling pose, or to stretch your arms behind your back. Why pay the high costs of shipping 10 pounds of sand, and then be stuck with a 10 pound bag that may not be the correct weight for you? Our bags contain a unique, double-zippered, leak-proof system so that you can easily fill the sandbags with any dry item such as sand, beans, wheat, corn, or rice. You can then adjust to your desired weight. Having both a zippered inner liner and a zippered outer liner prevents leakage. The outer liner can easily be removed and washed. The beautiful colors, high quality, and unique design all combine to make this an exceptional product. These bags are great for studios and health clubs! The sandbags come in many different colors, which many customers have used to differentiate varying weights. The dimensions of the unfilled sandbag are 7.5'' wide by 17'' long.
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